my 20th birthday has just passed. here I am, more alive then ever, ready to love & hurt, be vulnerable & try, understand & forgive, breathe & breathe life, trust the now, be & be betterĀ 

week twenty nine on Flickr.

cluj, admission, the puppy finds a new home, last week before c. leaves so party up all night

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week twenty eight on Flickr.

rainy and cold home, cats and dogs and books and people, breathing in and preparing for uni

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week twenty seven on Flickr.

saying goodbye to Zagreb, partying up in Timisoara, coming home - a garden full of summer and busy bees

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week twenty six on Flickr.

goodbye to northen italy with is lakes, mountains and pasta that people only dream of, hello city of ljubljana, so surprisingly beautiful and calm that you don’t want to leave

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week twenty five on Flickr.

resting in a country of beauty and songs - my home in italy, its hot afternoons, its endless yellow fields, its stories and history, its delicious food, drinks, style and a big warm lovely family

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week twenty four on Flickr.

breathing where birds fly - a week that starts of in the great highs of Greek mountains, travelling at a fast rate through macedonia, crossing the albanian border for just half an hour, being too hot in skopje, enjoying a chilly evening in nis, serbia, camping at the seaside in montenegro, being amazed at the beauty of dubrovnik and the shapes and smells of sarajevo and mostar

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week twenty three on Flickr.

beginning of june, greece’s brown earth, its coffee frappes, its orange trees and smell of olives and the sea, the cities and the history

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week twenty-two on Flickr.

goodbye to a city i fell madly in love with, goodbye to its smells, its colors, its magic - goodbye istanbul and hello green-blue greece with your moody sea and your fresh old mountains and expensive gas and cheap weather

week twenty-one on Flickr.

the black sea, coast to coast, no boundaries of country but identity. the bluest, greenest road - vama veche, varna, istanbul. cats & people of all kinds, living, breathing, dreaming