week thirty six on Flickr.

september with its chilly sun rays, one hot day of wonder in Oltenia, a village lost in time, smells of peppers & eggplants baking outside, the texture of things, organic & inorganic, the hardship & philosophy of a time past and back into the present the days slowly go

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week thirty five on Flickr.

weeks are a peculiar expression of time - there is nothing within them. monday - a sun-lit road trip to the castle near by with d. & auntie, enjoying cinnamon kurtos kolacs whose taste still hunts me today, than days strolling in the garden & admiring life beaming, apples and pears ripening, time just passing & passing, end of august & i’ll never be a kid again

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week thirty four on Flickr.

one day of cluj & dreaming, else, it all goes by, day to night, late morning to late coffee, hot days to rainy, thinking & learning & not doing much - sunday, ana’s birthday, a trip in time & friendship

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week thirty three on Flickr.

almost a week of FanFest at Rosia Montana - of breathing mountain air around wonderful people, activists, artists, musicians, journalists, actors and poets

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week thirty-two on Flickr.

and another week goes by, a read a little, breathe a little, miss a little, mornings come and go, each one colder and brighter

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week thirty-one on Flickr.

a quiet week - timisoara, home, travelers, vulcan, home, sun, stress, home

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week thirty on Flickr.

awaiting my 20th birthday, frantically searching for an apartment in cluj, drinking in its bars and walking its streets at night, scavenging on garbage day, coming home lazily & sadly & happily becoming 20 years of age

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my 20th birthday has just passed. here I am, more alive then ever, ready to love & hurt, be vulnerable & try, understand & forgive, breathe & breathe life, trust the now, be & be betterĀ 

week twenty nine on Flickr.

cluj, admission, the puppy finds a new home, last week before c. leaves so party up all night

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week twenty eight on Flickr.

rainy and cold home, cats and dogs and books and people, breathing in and preparing for uni

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